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Source Code of Panic Apps Stolend by Compromised HandBrake

19 May 2017
In early May the developers of HandBrake (a popular open-source video transcoder) informed an alert that a mirror download server hosting the app for Mac was hacked. The legitimate version of HandBrake for Mac was replaced with a version infected with a variant of OSX.PROTON, a trojan that allows hackers to remotely obtain root privileges in infected computers. HandBrake warned that anyone who has installed HandBrake for Mac needed to verify if their system was infected with the malware. Here is the notification posted on the thread of HandBrake forum: "Anyone who has downloaded HandBrake on
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Twitter offers 20 weeks maternity leave for its employees

06 April 2016
Twitter decided to offer its employees maternity leave. In other words, they could get 20 weeks paid leave regardless of they are moms, fathers or homosexual couples.  Jeffrey Siminoff feels the family structure has been changed. The new born baby should be taken care of by both parents which makes employees more happier. He hopes this policy could give some tips for other companies. He claimed that Twitter has been highly concerned by the public due to its products and services.  It offered 20 weeks maternity leave for mothers and 10 weeks for fathers and foster couples in the past. The new
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How to Fix Error Code 1314 on Windows OS

05 April 2016
The Reason You Receive Error Code 1314 You will receive this error when a required privilege is necessary to proceed, but the client attempting to execute the task does not hold that privilege. This error may result from several different situations, where the settings and permissions have not been set or modified to allow the action to take place. Method One: Manually Fix Error Code 1314 If you are getting a message saying “ERROR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD’”, then your settings and permissions need to be changed to reflect the appropriate permission levels. > You may need to change permission levels, or alternately, “Run as administrator” to gain
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Smartwatch pioneer Pebble to lay off 25% of its staff

25 March 2016
Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky confirmed that Pebble is going to lay off 25% staff in the consideration of the company’s financial condition. When interviewed by the Tech Insider, Pebble CEO also confirmed that the company had raised $28 million in debt and venture financing over the past eight months. Pebble is one of the pioneers in the smartwatch market. Pebble smartwatch landed on the market sweeping across the whole market in 2011, which is not yet the era of intelligence. Eric revealed in November, 2015 in a interview that the sales volume of Pebble watch was twice more than Apple’s..
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How to make your Windows 10 Logon Screen more safer?

17 March 2016
Today, almost every regular computer user want - and expect - their operating system to be faster, agile, powerful and more secure. On the one hand, bad guys have been seeking every chance to get something from you, from personal information to sensitive data and to a certain amount of money.
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