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Turn a barebones PC into a graphics powerhouse with AMD's new FirePro server GPUs

02 February 2016
AMD has your back, if you have an under-powered PC but need the horsepower to see high-definition video or edit intense graphics. AMD's new FirePro S7150 and S7150 x2 GPUs, which sit in servers, can deliver "virtualized GPUs" to client devices and remote desktops. A virtual GPU mimics the functionality of a GPU on local hardware, and users can run graphics, engineering or even VR applications on virtual desktops. The virtual GPUs on remote desktops can do everything regular GPUs can do on a computer, AMD claims. The processing load of virtual GPUs is handled by the FirePros in servers. Virtual desktops are
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Apple's Mac boosts sales as the whole PC business contraction continues

18 January 2016
Data from researchers IDC and Gartner shows global PC shipments decreased dramatically in 2015. Estimate from researcher IDC said the shipments declined by 11% during 2015 and 8% from another researcher Gartner. However, when the sales of PC dropped, Apple continued to have a growth of shipments by 6% in the same period.IDC and Gartner provides different estimates due to the ways each firm tailed shipments. The decline percentage that IDC provided has excluded the 2-in-1 devices, tablets with detachable keyboards like Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro4. While Gartner has considered those form factors.Mac shipments in 2015 showed
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Themeforest.net Review: Just Go for Best Templates & Themes!

10 January 2016
Themeforest is committed to offer best designs on the planet. There is great need for high quality and unique designs. Themes are required to be posted on personal websites as well as business websites. You can go for a theme for as low as $4. There are templates which can be implements on various technologies including HTML, Wordpress, PSD, Joomla and Magenta. As you go through the home page of themeforest.net, you can browse for popular items, top new items and latest items.
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TypeIt4Me new version

Ettore Software launched TypeIt4Me5.5 for Mac OS X on the 25th anniversary of v1.0 release

06 January 2016
TypeIt4Me is the very first text expander for Mac OS X, which helps you do your text typing faster and preciser. The latest version of TypeIt4Me has been released for Mac, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the original version, i.e TypeIt4Me V1.0 release. TypeIt4Me can boost typing speed with its own characteristics. Each time you type a word or even the abbreviation of a word on board, it will immediately expand to the complete word, the relevant phrases, paragraphs and even pictures.On the occasion of the25th anniversary celebration, Ettore Software is offering a preferential price for users to get
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Adium using tips

Some must-have skills when utilizing Adium on Mac OS X

17 December 2015
Adium brings benefits for many users, many users may be familiar with how to use Adium in daily life, yet some of them might not know how to fix troubles when they meet. There are some users who raise some questions and ask for help on some platform. For example, how to delete a contact, how to delete Adium account safely and so on. Today, we will provide the corresponding solutions to solve those problems for you as well as provides some other basics of using Adium.How to delete the protocol account safely?Internet is a open platform, bridges the distance
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