LinkedIn Messaging update, adding GIFs Emojis and Sticker

03 September 2015
If you are a fan of LinkedIn, you must have your own Linkedin account as most of people have one. Anther situation is that you have never used its Messaging. LinkedIn hopes to get your attraction and attract more members by adding Emojis, stickers and GIFs features.   LinkedIn released a bran-new designed, chat-like messaging interface from Tuesday that brings some fashion elements of messaging appsinto application on paper. The new interface is fresher, syncing both mobile and desktop updates. With the latest update version of LinkedIn, it allows you to send photos, documents and the mentioned Emojis, stickers and GIFs on the app.   It remains more observations whether LinkedIn's previous messaging design is out of date or not. Email, messaging apps and Slack that offers enterprise collaboration services are the most popular channels used by the pubic. Most of Slack, it could cause great risk to LinkedIn if the users on Slack hack in its core business fields.     We are working hard to seek the possibility of improving messaging experience. The idea of launching smart messaging suite that recommends communicated dialogue and offers the third party related news before communicating makes us excited. It will make the communication in LinkedIn messaging more dramatically if we add voice and video features.   We know our messaging service has been marked with unique LinkedIn culture with the communication we made in professional environment, such as an introduction or brief conclusion to a meeting. Anything is possible for the future. We look forward to the continuously modification of this experience.   Time will tell us the answer what this blog news mean.   The modification on iOS, Android systems and web version LinkedIn have been applied. It benefits the English speaking users in the first place. LinkedIn claims that it will keep upgradingits messaging to the rest of users in the following weeks.
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What is adctrlsres.dll and how to fix it?

26 January 2015
Adctrlsres.dll belongs to product AutoCAD and was developed by company Autodesk, Inc.This file is Dynamic-link Library. This library can be loaded and executed in any running process.
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I Want to Avoid the Desktop on Windows 8

16 January 2015
On a touchscreen tablet, it’s enticing to stay on the Start screen with its finger-sized tiles and easy-to-touch icons. Smartphone owners have enjoyed the app lifestyle for years.But staying nestled within Windows Start screen’s world of apps can be more difficult than it appears. No matter how hard you try to avoid the desktop and its pinsized controls, you’ll find yourself dragged there when you do any of the following things from the Start screen:
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Wanna fix msyfflt.ocx?

24 December 2014
msyfflt.ocx is a Windows application that may lead to system malfunction if your computer is infected with msyfflt.ocx or missing the necessary components of msyfflt.ocx.The Msyfflt.ocx Corrupt File error message is typically caused by Windows system data file corruption. Corrupted system entries can be a real hazard to the well being of your computer.
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Six simple optimization worth doing after installing Windows8

10 December 2014
Windows 10/ 8 performance and speed is really something better than Win7, users who actually experienced the Win8 may have come to understand. As long as your hardware is not particularly high-end, it is worthy do some simple optimization to your operating system to achieve the best state. Here's some simple optimization worth doing after you install Windows 8. 1. Setting of Superfetch service. Methods: Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services - Superfetch - Start Type - Automatic (Delayed Start), this setting can avoid the frequent visits to the hard disk when just started Win8.   2. Setting of Win8 automatic landing,
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