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Twitter offers 20 weeks maternity leave for its employees

Twitter decided to offer its employees maternity leave. In other words, they could get 20 weeks paid leave regardless of they are moms, fathers or homosexual couples. 

Jeffrey Siminoff feels the family structure has been changed. The new born baby should be taken care of by both parents which makes employees more happier. He hopes this policy could give some tips for other companies. He claimed that Twitter has been highly concerned by the public due to its products and services. 

It offered 20 weeks maternity leave for mothers and 10 weeks for fathers and foster couples in the past. The new policy offers 20 weeks paid leave for both parents. Such policy is available to all its employees around the world. 

This new policy brings challenge to internal management. The company needs to strengthen the training for management group so that they could know how to manage teams and assign work when employees are in maternity leave. 

Let's what policies of other firms provided for their employees. 

Facebook allows employees to submit the expense account up to $ 20,000 for egg freezing and extends their maternity leave. 

Facebook offers 4 months for paid maternity leave for couples and $4,000 subsidy. The couples could take a vacation whenever they live before the baby celebrate his first birthday. 

Google female employees get 18 weeks for maternity leave, while male employees get 12 weeks paternity leave. It offers the nursery room for employees as well. 

Airbnb offers employees $ 2,000 coupon. Employees are allowed to take pets for work.

 Adobe closes business for two week each year to force its employees to take a vacation. 

Salesforce employees get 6 days paid leave to work as volunteers and get $1,000 to donate to the non-profit organizations. 

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