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Mercenaries Get Jobs Done And Then They Move On

A film called The Wild Geese, released in 1979, featured the usual suspects – Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Richard Harris – and was about a mercenary army in Africa. The sort of film you want to watch on a plane, or when you’re very tired, or when you’re short of inspiration, again and again. The message is the same. Professionals respect professionals and when they have a clear mission and the rate of pay has been agreed, they go and do it with somewhat more elan and purpose than a bench of idealists trying to raise their spirits at a motivational skateboarding away day. Better still there’s a start date and an end date. Mercenaries get jobs done and then they move on. Mercenaries know exactly what they have to do and what the rules are.

Watch your team at work

The dream team is in perfect alignment. But if they are normal human beings perfect alignment is a dream rather than reality. Allow for some individualism but aim for broad consensus. Because when team doesn’t work it’s usually because the members are out of line. In the first situation, when team members pointing more or less in the same direction, this is a team machine designed and tuned to move forward at a fair rate, pretty smoothly. The second situation, demonstrates what happens all too often in teams. It looks like a nasty case of sabotage. Some are going one way and some are going another, all in conflict with each other. It’s a perfect illustration of self-neutralization. More teams look like version two than version one in real like. But if you can get near to version one you have a high-performing team and that is precisely what you need.

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