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Care About What You Do

I hate it when people ‘busk’ things because, while it may come off OK, it demonstrates a lack of caring about either the thing you are doing or the people you are doing it for. What you do matters. Your own treatment of it as something you yourself think is very important will communicate itself. Be keen not casual.

Respond by…slowing things down

Rushing around like a headless chicken has a kind of appeal to the speed junkies who sometimes pass for modern executives. Try the reverse. Try to slow everything down. You’ll find you listen better and that the person you are talking to will explain things better. You are not in a drive-through restaurant. Try to create a more thoughtful and solicitous atmosphere. You’ll become more considered and better in your responses to any given situation. And people will prefer you because you exude the most professional response elements of all calmness and confidence. (As Lord Denning, one-time Master of the Rolls, put it: ’People pay us for our certainty not for our doubts.’) Which would you prefer? The surgeon who rushes in shouting, “I’m on a tight schedule, get him under so I can start cutting!”, or the one who says, “Good morning, how are you feeling? You know I was up early today listening to the dawn chorus: such a delight on a day like this…it put me in such a wonderful mood. Now I’ll be taking my time with you so don’t worry.”

Good humor is the lubricant to great sevice

No one wants to work with bad-tempered people. It’s stressful and ill humor is catching. Try to be smiling, calm and good natured and everyone would rather work with you than your grumpy colleagues. Think of the people with whom you’ve worked that you got the most from. Chances are they will have been the better-humored ones.

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