Ettore Software launched TypeIt4Me5.5 for Mac OS X on the 25th anniversary of v1.0 release

TypeIt4Me is the very first text expander for Mac OS X, which helps you do your text typing faster and preciser. The latest version of TypeIt4Me has been released for Mac, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the original version, i.e TypeIt4Me V1.0 release.

TypeIt4Me can boost typing speed with its own characteristics. Each time you type a word or even the abbreviation of a word on board, it will immediately expand to the complete word, the relevant phrases, paragraphs and even pictures.

On the occasion of the25th anniversary celebration, Ettore Software is offering a preferential price for users to get access to TypeIt4Me V5.5. Users can enjoy a 75% off the regular price and only need to pay $4.99 for the license of TypeIt4Me V5.5 for a limited time.

The upgrade of TypeIt4Me this time provides users a redesigned icon, and a stability improvements, as well as an users interface refinements. TypeUt4Me V5.5 supports a Mac with OS X 10.9 and higher. User now are able to download a demo on its official site.

Updating a new version of Mac application can cause troubles sometimes. You might find when you update your TypeIt4Me to the latest version, it just can't work, another common problem you may come up against is you can't find the abbreviations file when there are something different in the new version. To avoid such issues, you can uninstall the application on your Mac completely and safely, and then install the latest version onto your Mac again.

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