Apple's Mac boosts sales as the whole PC business contraction continues

Data from researchers IDC and Gartner shows global PC shipments decreased dramatically in 2015. Estimate from researcher IDC said the shipments declined by 11% during 2015 and 8% from another researcher Gartner. However, when the sales of PC dropped, Apple continued to have a growth of shipments by 6% in the same period.

IDC and Gartner provides different estimates due to the ways each firm tailed shipments. The decline percentage that IDC provided has excluded the 2-in-1 devices, tablets with detachable keyboards like Apple's iPad Pro and Microsoft's Surface Pro4. While Gartner has considered those form factors.

Mac shipments in 2015 showed the whole market an increase trend. The shipments of Mac increased by about 6% compared to 2014 referred to the conclusion from IDC and Gartner. IDC shows the top three original equipment manufacturers (Lenovo,HP, and Dell) saw a decline by 5%, 6% and 3% respectively during 2015. Thought Windows 10 enjoyed great popularity, it didn't make a significant contribution to boosting the sales of PC.

Apple's Mac bucked the PC industry's trend and continued to grow its shipments in 2015. Even thought Mac is selling at a high price, customers seems show more interest in it and purchase more Apple devices but not Windows PCs.

The Mac OS X is the most powerful competitive advantage in the battles of the industry. People who have used both Mac OS X and the Windows X can easily find it is totally different in these two systems even when you try to perform the same function such as application installation or application uninstall on Mac and Windows respectively.

The powerful operating system and good service attracts more users. Just as what the analyst from IDC said,"Apple's emergence as a top five global PC vendor in 2015 shows that there can be strong demand for innovative, even premium-priced systems, that put user experience first."