Microsoft wants its Office Apps on all Android phones

Office Apps benefits users in daily work. But will you install Microsoft Office suite or the individual Apps like Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel on your mobile phone? Nowadays, the Office Apps can be chosen as you like, but there will be a big change. Nick Parker,the Corporate Vice president of the company posted in the official Microsoft blog, revealing that Microsoft Service are available on more devices than ever before due to the Agreements with device partners.

According to the blog post, Microsoft company has been working on providing Microsoft service available on more mobile phones running on Android system.

"We've re-engineered many of our flagship products to be more modern, we've made Office and some of our most popular services readily available on more platforms and devices than ever before, and we've acquired companies that can help us realize our vision as we rethink traditional productivity", quoted from the blog post.

Based on the Agreements with device partners for 2016, there will be more than 70 manufacturers agreeing to bundie Microsoft's applications with their smartphones for free.

Though there are various office applications that work similarly as Microsoft's, the free Microsoft Office Apps will be more attractive for users and there will be more and more users who will turn to the Microsoft's products and ditch ones installed on their devices before.

Microsoft has won the approvals of the device partners to pre-install Microsoft Office, OneDrive on Android tablets through strategic agreements with 31 global and local OEMs and top original device manufacturers last year.

Early in the February this year, Microsoft stated in the official blog post that there are now 74 hardware partners in 25 countries that agree to make Microsoft Apps and services available on their Android phones and tablets. Those partners offer or soon will offer Android devices pre-installed with Microsoft Apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and other Apps like OneNote and OneDrive.

Will you determindedly remove a free Microsoft Office suite on your phone or welcome it and keep it on your devices? A free office App will benefits both the users and the company itself. It will help Microsoft's Office products gain more users and becomes more popular. The portable Microsoft Office in a smart-phone will also make users read important documents or even do some simple but emergent work with their mobile phone whenever they need.