Fixed: Prevent Adobe Reader from blocking PDF in Safari

People who are using the most recent versions of Adobe Reader will find that when they try to open PDF file in Safari, the attempt will always be denied, or said blocked. To ensure you can open a PDF in Safari, you may need to conquer two warning massages:
"Adobe Reader blocked for this website."
"Do you want to trust the website “(website URL)” to use the Adobe Reader plug-in?"

Facing these warning prompts, what you can do is either to cancel your act or select Trust to load the PDF. Yet it can be annoying to face the prompts each time you want to open a PDF in Safari. So here are some steps you can follow to prevent Adobe Reader from blocking in Safari.

Some people might think that they need to do something with the Adobe Reader application, but this is not the case. On the contrary, Safari is where the problem lay. So here is how you can deal with the problem.

That's how can you stop Adobe Reader from blocking PDF in Safari on Mac. There is another ultimate way to settle this problem---- to thoroughly uninstall Adobe Reader from your Mac for Safari can save and open PDF files without any contribution of Adobe Reader.

Actually, Adobe Reader is not indispensable because web browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox has introduced an integrated PDF Viewer, which is an browser plug-in that can be used to view local PDF files on the machine. In that case, Adobe Reader becomes pointless. Moreover, the complete uninstall of Adobe Reader from your Mac will free up much space and improve the performance of your machine. Click here to get more details to thoroughly uninstall Adobe Reader on Mac.