How to make your Windows 10 Logon Screen more safer?

Today, almost every regular computer user want - and expect - their operating system to be faster, agile, powerful and more secure. On the one hand, bad guys have been seeking every chance to get something from you, from personal information to sensitive data and to a certain amount of money.


That's why security gurus, companies of all sizes are taking very proactive security measures to power their lines of defense. Below is just a very simple example of getting you up and making your Windows 10 more secure: Hiding your personal info like your real name, your personal photo even your E-mail account for everything Microsoft.

Now, it's time to take your computer skills to next level and keep up this schedule or change (upgrade).

Two methods will allow you to secure your Windows 10 logon screen the better way:

Scroll for the detailed steps. Warning: if Group Policy (aka, GPO) went down, your Windows 10 would be screwed! You had better export current version of Group Policy settings and/or Registry Editor.

If you are running a Windows 10 Home, try making the following configurations to registry settings instead:

I have also started to warm up to the idea of "Proactive Security", as the other approach, named "Reactive Security" would lead zero-day attack, and many more other computer problems. Read this in-depth troubleshooting guide for Skype uninstall and junkware infection.