Think yourself into good humor

From the beginning of the day when you wake up, to the time you are about to go to sleep, try to think positively. A few years ago I had lunch with an incredibly bright and interesting PR person from New York, and, as the conversation developed, diverse and highly opinionated, I realized we were getting trapped into that negative syndrome where one keeps on saying “and another thing” and disappears into a plughole of despondency. Gang culture, economic meltdown, Afghanistan, Sarah Palin, Goldman Sachs, Greece and so on. So we changed tack. “What are the five best things in the world today?” I asked her. Our mood changed instantly, just like that, and we found the five best things relatively easy to come up with. Try this yourself. It works. Here were our five:

Thinking about the best that could happen, rather than claiming “we are all doomed,” may have a better effect on your life than almost anything else you can do. Think upbeat to get ahead in life seems good advice because the opposite is certain to fail.

Think adventurously and transform your mood

It is essential to demonstrate a little more enterprise to break out of the boring box of normality. This is what really inspires you to be enthusiastic and more attuned to the opportunities rather than the problems of life. You do it by activating your right brain. The best way I’m told is to get a sense of where the center of yourself is located probably just above your diaphragm. Then breathe deeply many times and focus on this upper diaphragm while looking ahead with “soft eyes” – eyes that focus on nothing in particular. You are now in the relaxed right brain state in which thinking happy enthusiastic thoughts comes easily. And it’s cheaper and safer than drugs or alcohol.