Individuals contribute – but it’s teams that win

It’s best teams that win, not the most talented individuals

We’ve all been there, first day in a new job. You know, that moment of discomfort. You can feel them eyeing you as you walk in the room trying to look nonchalant. You have already in a flash made up your mind about a few of the people there. You don’t like the one who sniffs all the time and Mr. Egghead clearly doesn’t like you and here comes Miss Bossy to make you feel at home. Yet being part of a team is the reality of the modern workplace and being a successful part of it is vital to your career. While a lot has been written about talent, rather less has been written on the creation of top teams. A lot of consultants have, for instance, focused on individual talent. But increasingly that magic cocktail of a great talented team is being seen as the key to corporate success. If you can be a great team player and understand how to make teams outperform their potential you will be a winner and your career will flourish.

Team dynamics and team harmony – how you get them

Most of us would rather go out with some friends and have dinner than work as, let’s say, a team member improving the “Neighborhood Watch” scheme or having an oversized meeting to discuss how to raise money for the church roof. I’m not convinced most of us are park animals. In our own minds we are still hunter-gatherers-wannabe Matt Damons, ready to take arms against a world of adversaries. But in a world that has become:

  • Increasingly full of risk
  • Increasingly female

We shall have to put on a team uniform if we want to get ahead. There is no choise.