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Some must-have skills when utilizing Adium on Mac OS X

Written by Super User 17 December 2015

Adium brings benefits for many users, many users may be familiar with how to use Adium in daily life, yet some of them might not know how to fix troubles when they meet. There are some users who raise some questions and ask for help on some platform. For example, how to delete a contact, how to delete Adium account safely and so on. Today, we will provide the corresponding solutions to solve those problems for you as well as provides some other basics of using Adium.

How to delete the protocol account safely?
Internet is a open platform, bridges the distance and makes our life convenient. Adium is one of the applications that provides a convenient way for people to connect to different instant messaging accounts via one program . Yet as the saying goes. "Every coin has two sides", the defects will also exist when you are enjoying the convenience. It will be dangerous when the account information leaked, anyone who knows your nickname and password of your Adium account. But when it just happened, what measures will you take to protect your privacy and also your friends’?

One solution to solve the case is to log in your account via another computer, and change your password. However, what if your boyfriend is the one who always log in your account secretly? Then I guess Some users may wanna delete the protocol account. To delete a protocol account, you can go through it according to this route:
Adium Preferences --> Accounts --> Select them and press the minus icon

How to delete a contact from your list?
Deleting a contact actually is a basic operation to manage your Adium account.

  • Highlight the contact unwanted


  • Click the contact menu on the toolbar at the top of your desk screen and select Remove Contact, or alternatively press down CTRL key and click the contact name, and then click Remove.


  • Click Remove at the prompt to confirm your operation


Moving or reordering contacts
Moving or reordering contacts is easy. You can simply drag the contact to a new group or a new location within the same group to change the orders. Yet this act can also failed if the Adium keeps your contacts in the sorted order. In such case, you need to do something before you perform the dragging move, that is to make sure that the Sort Contacts Manually was selected under the View menu.

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