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How to Fix Error Code 1314 on Windows OS

Written by Super User 05 April 2016

The Reason You Receive Error Code 1314

You will receive this error when a required privilege is necessary to proceed, but the client attempting to execute the task does not hold that privilege. This error may result from several different situations, where the settings and permissions have not been set or modified to allow the action to take place.

Method One: Manually Fix Error Code 1314

If you are getting a message saying “ERROR_PRIVILEGE_NOT_HELD’”, then your settings and permissions need to be changed to reflect the appropriate permission levels.

> You may need to change permission levels, or alternately, “Run as administrator” to gain the necessary permission level to execute the action and resolve Windows Code 1314.

In case of using a Windows 2000 machine, there is an issue where the wrong security context is being used to obtain the registry security, and a handle is closed by the operating system.

> To solve the issue, please make sure that you have applied all of the appropriate service pack for Windows 2000, or upgrade to a newer version of the Windows OS. This problem was corrected in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

Method Two: Fix Error Code 1314 with a system repair tool

1. Install the system cleaning tool from here

2. Launch the tool, click "Scan Now" to quickly run a full scan for the operating system. Then you will see how many issues are currently existing. 

3. Click "Fix All" button to fix Error Code 1314 and other issues found. 

Other Things You Can Do to Optimize Your System

  • Remove The Programs You Don't Need At All

Programs are using a lot of system resources while you don't even notice. They use memory to run in the background with the functions you might not need at all. If they are installed on C: drive, well, that could be part of the reasons that your PC is running slowly. Just make a little time and clean them out of your system. 

  • Remove Temporary and Unnecessary Files

You are getting these files every day when browsing the web pages, and they are usually stored in C: drive. As I mentioned at the last part, that will slow down the system performance. If you don't like to do the cleaning every week, do it once a month. There is no certain rule, just regularly maintain your system, so that you can have a better using experience. 

  • Defragment

Over time, files are removed and new files are added. If one can't be stored in adjacent blocks, they become fragmented. Defragging is officially a way of eliminating empty blocks and putting files back together. 

To do this, click on Start button > choose "Computer/My Computer" > right-click on C: drive > choose "Properties" > "Tools" > then click on "Defragment Now". It may take some time depending on your computer's configuration. 

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