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Opera 48 Stable Releases with New Features

Written by Super User 30 September 2017

The new stable version of Opera 48 has finally released with new and improved features, and it is available on Windows, Mac and 64-bit Linux platforms.

What’s new and improved in Opera 48 Stable?

One of the highlights is the search pop up tool with currency converter (now enriched with unit and time zone converters). This tool makes it easy to translate measurements on the spot. Users can simply highlight the text on current page and the automatic pop-up window will appear. Choosing Search in the box will bring you to a separate browser tab which displays the result using currently selected default search engine.

The currency, unit and time zone conversions are available alongside with the Search, Copy and Share options in the little pop-up window. And it should be noted that the "share" functionality of the search pop-up tool only works on macOS.
The browser interface and main menu have been reorganized. Opera 48 adds a new screenshot capture tool for web pages, cleaned up menus, the support for bookmark-importing tool in Edge and Yandex browsers, as well as the option to remove unwanted autocomplete suggestions in search and address bar.

The new snapshot tool can be evoked via the Menu > Snapshot, the sidebar (camera icon) or the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+5 on Windows and Linux; Apple+Shift+5 on Mac). When this feature is triggered, you can resize the selected part of the screen as required, or choose Capture Full Screen to capture the entire browser window. The captured image will be copied to the clipboard and saved in PNG format.

Opera 48 Stable comes a few day after the release of Opera Developer 49, and both of them are available to download for free. Existing users can install the update from the Opera browser itself - just open the Opera menu and choose About Opera. Opera will automatically check the version as the page loads and download the update it finds.

If your Opera cannot be updated by this way, you can manually download Opera browser and install it to replace the previous version. Yet if you still encounter problems, try to uninstall the older one and then perform a fresh installation.

Related info: How can I properly uninstall Opera?

To remove problematic Opera is quite easy for Mac users. Typically you just need to open Finder, locate Opera in /Applications folder, and delete it to the Trash. Then emptying the Trash will instantly swipe out this app from your Mac.

The more important question is: how to entirely get rid of Opera components? Opera app can be easily removed, but its traces may still linger around the system. To guarantee a fresh installation, you will need to detect and delete those app leftovers.

To do so, open Finder, head to the Go > Go to Folder, then type Library in the box and hit Enter key to open up this hidden folder. Now you can utilize the Search feature in Finder to locate the items that contain the app name in Library and ~Library folders.

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