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How to Find Your Own WOW Factor

Written by Super User 20 December 2012

What is WOW? It stands for “Walk on Water.” It is that moment “when one’s wonderful” – when you’ve made a good speech or you’re reveling in your manager’s praise. It is a moment of sheer infallibility, when nothing is impossible, when you want them all to “bring it on.” Everyone has moments in their life when they do something that turns on a light in their head and when they become reborn in some intriguing way. It’s that moment when you – and the outside world – look on you with new eyes and see new talent. It is, in short, a career-defining moment. It is like falling in love. But falling in love with what you do.

Making the magic WOW moment happen

by believing you can

You don’t hope for the best, you don’t pray for it, you visualize yourself doing it. The next time someone says, “Can you do something?” say “Yes,” and then work out how you are going to get it done. Someone you like and trust will help you and make that idea of WOW moment come to your life. Someone will mentor you. They themselves probably “wing” it a bit now, but in you they’ll see the energy, hope, and nervousness of a younger them. WOW moment happens when you believe in yourself, work at it, share ideas, and listen to experts.

Always be prepared

You do this through really knowing your stuff. You won’t walk on water if your knowledge is leaky. Always be prepared, know your story, know the facts. And be prepared to withstand any amount of challenge or rebuttal. Don’t be caught unprepared. Be ready to stand up and sock it to them. More walk-on-water moments are achieved by a good public performance than anything else. The more practiced you are the more effective your walking will be.