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Become a powerful learning machine

Written by Super User 27 December 2012

You need to keep on learning if you want to keep up in a global economy that’s constantly changing and providing nasty shocks.

Why you must be a learning machine

The idea of having to say at school for the rest of your life, even if having to do lots homework, may seem a bit disagreeable. But learning is just absolutely essential to getting on in life. In our new knowledge economy it’s obvious that we will all have to smarten up. If we aren’t turbocharging our brains on a regular basis, we’ll lose out to our global competitors who seem to find working very hard and improving their skills a lot less disagreeable than many of us seem to find it. While comparisons between work performance country by country used to be quite difficult, now we cross continents to find better value or better quality with ease. But being clever is not enough – it never was it’s all about your energy, stability, and grace as well. But let’s start with getting our smarts even smarter.

Why being a learning fanatic earns you more money

Employers pay for skills. MBAs earn more, graduates earn more people who go to management courses earn more. Whatever your job, be it marketing, HR, finance or whatever, ask yourself if you are up to speed with the latest developments or theories in the field. If you are, you’ll enhance your employability. Are you spending enough time listening to bright people who are expert in their subjects – at conferences, at lectures or in meetings? Are you reading the key magazines in your field and a variety of business books? Have you thought of getting new qualifications? An MBA may seem a daunting thought but consider it. If you can’t do it any other way, do it through an online university. Fill your brain with new stuff on the key areas of concern that impact on any business.