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SaaS security standards list of Chief Information Security Officer

Written by Super User 04 August 2014


SaaS safety standards related to data security, data locality, network security and other aspects. Today's  safety standards of third-party cloud providers still have a lot of space to be improved. The premise of SaaS security issue is not just to win the trust of your customers, but also an important duty of the chief information security officer. 


SaaS still in its infancy and it is now developing rapidly. Therefore, if the user wants to evaluate the third-party SaaS provider's security vulnerabilities or capabilities, you must ask the right questions. For example: 


How is different access control forming to granular? 

Clearly, for data leakage, currently the biggest problem of IT is malicious or unintentional misuse of user credentials, especially the log in information. Therefore, the effective data protection need to understand the user activity, also the changes in management. 


What indicators can be used to report? 

Considering that whether you can create a report satisfying all the chief information officer, auditor and the Board? Whether enterprise data security can meet regulatory demands? It should be. 


SaaS security issues 

SaaS providers need to ensure that users can not view each other's data. Here are some safety standards and measures of SaaS: data security, data locality, network security, data isolation, data privacy, data leakage, Web application security, Web authentication and Web authorization. 


SaaS providers are having arduous task, they must improve the visibility and control of security, allowing users to believe they have the ability to manage potential compliance risks. Moving out the business applications is usually losing the safety. 

Therefore, the chief information security officer has the responsibility to reduce security problems. As a customer, you must have a security checklist, SaaS safety standards is now a hot topic, SaaS providers must address these issues to win customers' trust.