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Microsoft continues embracing Linux with new Azure certification

Written by Super User 10 December 2015

In a partnership that would have seemed most unlikely back when Microsoft railed against open source, the software company has teamed with the Linux Foundation to offer a certification for managing Linux systems in the Azure cloud.

The new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Linux on Azure certification allows people to show that they have invested time in developing skills to run Linux servers in Microsoft's cloud. It's something of a surprising move, considering that Azure didn't even support Linux virtual machines four years ago, but meshes with Microsoft's current strategy of embracing open source technologies.

In order to acquire the certification, a candidate has to pass the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator exam and the Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam. Once they've done that, they can apply for the certification. Neither of those exams are new, but the resulting certification is.

That's good news for people who have already passed one or both exams. Existing passes still count towards the certification, so people who have passed both exams just have to contact Microsoft about acquiring their certification. 

Those folks who haven't yet passed the exams will have to shell out several hundred dollars just to take the tests. Depending on their level of skill, certification seekers may want to undertake additional training to prepare for the tests, which will cost more money. 

Wednesday's news is yet another sign of Microsoft's commitment to running Linux workloads on Azure.

According to John Shewchuk, a technical fellow at Microsoft, more than half of the images companies can deploy from the Azure Marketplace use Linux, rather than Microsoft's technologies. It's something he says is emblematic of Microsoft's approach to Linux, especially under its new CEO, Satya Nadella.  

"So now, to have half the Marketplace be Linux workloads, and to be doing work like this to get people certified, it really does represent a sea change in the engagement model [for Microsoft]," Shewchuk said in an interview. "And it's clear that Satya has been at the core of much of this change."

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SaaS security standards list of Chief Information Security Officer

Written by Super User 04 August 2014


SaaS safety standards related to data security, data locality, network security and other aspects. Today's  safety standards of third-party cloud providers still have a lot of space to be improved. The premise of SaaS security issue is not just to win the trust of your customers, but also an important duty of the chief information security officer. 


Guides to Prove You’re a Great Listener at Meetings

Written by Super User 09 January 2013

This matters because meetings are so important a part of life that behavior at them is career-determining. This especially applies to the art of listening and the speed of comprehension.

be prepared

Read the papers relating to the meeting beforehand. Be prepared. This means you don’t play catch up during a meeting and can spend 100% of the time actively listening.

Simplifying the message makes it easier to follow a meeting

Write yourself a page of main points from the papers so you can focus on the key issues and listen harder.

Be in a good mood because you’ll listen better

Geniality can really help you pay attention, however serious the subject. Bad-tempered meetings seldom establish anything other than raising stress levels. And people don’t hear each other half as well when under stress.

Avoid point scoring because you’ll be thinking about what comes next

Do not be a smart aleck. It’s so easy to become one by irritatingly correcting the errors of others. Point scorers don’t listen except for opening and errors. Points scorers make everyone else’s hearing deteriorate.

Don’t be rude because it distracts people

Do not whisper to your neighbor. It is bad manners, irritating, and makes people listen to you and not what’s really going on in the meeting.

Don’t be a geek because it confuses people

And when people are confused they start rifling through the filling cabinets in their brain for information and stop listening. Keep whatever you have to say very simple and to the point. Think of the listeners and don’t show off.

Listen, watch, and work out what is going on

Watch what is going on and try to understand the interplay between different people in the meeting. Meetings contain layers of political intrigue. Who distrusts whom? Who is trying to impress whom? Who is a conservative and who is a risk-taker? Who’s at risk? Who on the way up? What is being said? What isn’t being said? What is actually meant?


Become a powerful learning machine

Written by Super User 27 December 2012

You need to keep on learning if you want to keep up in a global economy that’s constantly changing and providing nasty shocks.

Why you must be a learning machine

The idea of having to say at school for the rest of your life, even if having to do lots homework, may seem a bit disagreeable. But learning is just absolutely essential to getting on in life. In our new knowledge economy it’s obvious that we will all have to smarten up. If we aren’t turbocharging our brains on a regular basis, we’ll lose out to our global competitors who seem to find working very hard and improving their skills a lot less disagreeable than many of us seem to find it. While comparisons between work performance country by country used to be quite difficult, now we cross continents to find better value or better quality with ease. But being clever is not enough – it never was it’s all about your energy, stability, and grace as well. But let’s start with getting our smarts even smarter.

Why being a learning fanatic earns you more money

Employers pay for skills. MBAs earn more, graduates earn more people who go to management courses earn more. Whatever your job, be it marketing, HR, finance or whatever, ask yourself if you are up to speed with the latest developments or theories in the field. If you are, you’ll enhance your employability. Are you spending enough time listening to bright people who are expert in their subjects – at conferences, at lectures or in meetings? Are you reading the key magazines in your field and a variety of business books? Have you thought of getting new qualifications? An MBA may seem a daunting thought but consider it. If you can’t do it any other way, do it through an online university. Fill your brain with new stuff on the key areas of concern that impact on any business.


How to Get to the Top – Or Wherever You Want to Get to

Written by Super User 24 December 2012

Seeing the bigger picture, seeing what needs to be done, creating a plan, delivering a result.

everyone needs a career strategy

One of the trickiest little words in business vocabulary is “strategy.” It’s tricky because so few people seem to know what it means. So let’s keep it simple – it means a simple plan for success, it means defining where you want to get to and then providing a route map to show how you are going to get there. So, destinations and strategy are what any successful careerist needs. You wouldn’t do anything important at work without having a strategic plan now would you? Everyone needs a career strategy – everyone. It doesn’t mean to say it can’t change, because people change, things happen, ambition is often shaped by circumstance, and life is unpredictable. Write your strategy now under these simple headings:

  • What do you want to achieve? -Money -Security -Power -Status
  • How many different jobs am I prepared to look at and in what sectors?
  • What am I most interested in?
  • What is the essential me and what I could be?
  • What are my strongest asset/talenrs?
  • What are my weaknesses?
  • How would I sell myself in brief(the key plus point)?
  • What would my friends say about me?
  • How well have I done so far(three examples of achievement)?
  • What is the likely route map for my career? - Number of moves - Special skills - Continuing education learning - Milestone moment

Well, if you have now been through the exercise you may have a better sense of where you want to go and what it will take to get there. We’d expect to go through this and more in writing the strategic plan for a more vital and important brand-ourselves-we get awkward, embarrassed and tongue-tied. Why? It really is crazy, isn’t it? Well, that’s the “head” way of going about it. The cerebral, strategic approach to career development and to making it happen for you. It’s your own secret marketing plan for success. But there’s a parallel way you should try-using your gut and your heart.