Twitter offers 20 weeks maternity leave for its employees

Twitter decided to offer its employees maternity leave. In other words, they could get 20 weeks paid leave regardless of they are moms, fathers or homosexual couples. 

Jeffrey Siminoff feels the family structure has been changed. The new born baby should be taken care of by both parents which makes employees more happier. He hopes this policy could give some tips for other companies. He claimed that Twitter has been highly concerned by the public due to its products and services. 

It offered 20 weeks maternity leave for mothers and 10 weeks for fathers and foster couples in the past. The new policy offers 20 weeks paid leave for both parents. Such policy is available to all its employees around the world. 

This new policy brings challenge to internal management. The company needs to strengthen the training for management group so that they could know how to manage teams and assign work when employees are in maternity leave. 

Let's what policies of other firms provided for their employees. 

Facebook allows employees to submit the expense account up to $ 20,000 for egg freezing and extends their maternity leave. 

Facebook offers 4 months for paid maternity leave for couples and $4,000 subsidy. The couples could take a vacation whenever they live before the baby celebrate his first birthday. 

Google female employees get 18 weeks for maternity leave, while male employees get 12 weeks paternity leave. It offers the nursery room for employees as well. 

Airbnb offers employees $ 2,000 coupon. Employees are allowed to take pets for work.

 Adobe closes business for two week each year to force its employees to take a vacation. 

Salesforce employees get 6 days paid leave to work as volunteers and get $1,000 to donate to the non-profit organizations. 

Smartwatch pioneer Pebble to lay off 25% of its staff

Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky confirmed that Pebble is going to lay off 25% staff in the consideration of the company’s financial condition. When interviewed by the Tech Insider, Pebble CEO also confirmed that the company had raised $28 million in debt and venture financing over the past eight months.

Pebble is one of the pioneers in the smartwatch market. Pebble smartwatch landed on the market sweeping across the whole market in 2011, which is not yet the era of intelligence.

Eric revealed in November, 2015 in a interview that the sales volume of Pebble watch was twice more than Apple’s.. The company also launched two versions of smartwatches, Pebble Time Round and Pebble Steel in September and March respectively. Among so many companies, Pebble seems to be a promising one whose products always enjoyed great popularity.

In terms of the layoffs, Eric confirmed that his company will lay off 40 employees, which account for 25% of all the staff. One of the reasons that Pebble will reduce the staff is that Pebble now is in a tough stage and is facing a shortage of funds.

Except for the financial concerns, the fierce competition in the smartwatch market might also strike the company’s dominant position as a pioneer of smartwatch firm. Especially Apple now is also targeting at the lower market by launching the cheaper smartwatch series. What Apple is doing will also threaten the ruling position of Pebble. Apart from Apple, Pebble is also rivaled by companies like Samsung, LG, Google.

Wearable devices were considered as a burgeoning market, and the research firm IDC also predicted that the global shipments of wearable devices would increased by 38.2%. Yet the authorities expressed that the situation of the market was not so optimistic. the stock of Jawbone begins to decline, Fitbit also faces the decline of its stock even thought it has released Blaze. Even Apple had to cut prices of Apple Watch though it had sold out millions of smartwatches.

Home Depot pay $19.5 million for 2014 massive data breach

There are many companies that suffered from data breach in 2014.Home Depot is one of the companies suffering from the massive data breach in 2014. The company agreed and confirmed on Tuesday to pay up to $19.5million to deal with the aftermath of the massive data breach.

In late 2014, the retailer of Home Depot exposed that the massive breach covered the theft of data pertaining to about 56 million payment cards, and also 53 million email addresses, which makes Home Depot data breach the largest one to date, exceeding what Target suffered in 2013.

Home Depot agreed to pay for the data breach, but the company expressed that is was not required to admit any wrongdoings.

The spokesman of Home Depot Stephen Holmes said, "This was the most expeditious path, but it’s not an admission of liability." Stephen also expressed that customers were not responsible for the fraudulent charges.

As for the $19.5 million compensation, $13 million will be used to reimburse customers for their losses, and the rest $6.5 million to provide customers with one and a half years of identify protection services.

In addition, the retailer of the company also promised to improve data security, including hiring a chief information security officer.

According to the announcement of Home Depot, attackers were taking advantage of malicious software, which could bypass the security measures to hack into the system and got customers data. The company thought that the malicious software is related to BlackPOS.

Malicious software will threaten data security of users and bring immeasurable consequences. So, if you found there is any malicious software on your computer, take precaution and remove the applications at once. Moreover, do not install any applications causally on the internet to keep the hacker at bay.

Click here to learn to how to completely uninstall applications on Mac.


How to make your Windows 10 Logon Screen more safer?

Today, almost every regular computer user want - and expect - their operating system to be faster, agile, powerful and more secure. On the one hand, bad guys have been seeking every chance to get something from you, from personal information to sensitive data and to a certain amount of money.

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Fixed: Prevent Adobe Reader from blocking PDF in Safari

People who are using the most recent versions of Adobe Reader will find that when they try to open PDF file in Safari, the attempt will always be denied, or said blocked. To ensure you can open a PDF in Safari, you may need to conquer two warning massages:
"Adobe Reader blocked for this website."
"Do you want to trust the website “(website URL)” to use the Adobe Reader plug-in?"

Facing these warning prompts, what you can do is either to cancel your act or select Trust to load the PDF. Yet it can be annoying to face the prompts each time you want to open a PDF in Safari. So here are some steps you can follow to prevent Adobe Reader from blocking in Safari.

Some people might think that they need to do something with the Adobe Reader application, but this is not the case. On the contrary, Safari is where the problem lay. So here is how you can deal with the problem.

  • Navigate to the Security section of Safari's Preferences. Open Safari, and then you will see Safari in the toolbar on the top of your screen. Click Safari and then select Preference. Then you will be directed to the following interface, select Security.
  • Click on the Manage Website Settings button
  • In the left hand side column, select Adobe Reader
  • Eventually, if you want to thoroughly dispense with the warning prompts, select "Allow Always" from the pop-up menu reading When Visiting other websites. Besides, you will also need to choose Allow to unlock the currently blocked websites.

That's how can you stop Adobe Reader from blocking PDF in Safari on Mac. There is another ultimate way to settle this problem---- to thoroughly uninstall Adobe Reader from your Mac for Safari can save and open PDF files without any contribution of Adobe Reader.

Actually, Adobe Reader is not indispensable because web browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox has introduced an integrated PDF Viewer, which is an browser plug-in that can be used to view local PDF files on the machine. In that case, Adobe Reader becomes pointless. Moreover, the complete uninstall of Adobe Reader from your Mac will free up much space and improve the performance of your machine. Click here to get more details to thoroughly uninstall Adobe Reader on Mac.