Choosing the Best VPN Service for Yourself

What features should a good VPN have? A good VPN should include these features: server location, connectivity protocols, and price. How to choose the best VPN for yourself? Most of the VPNs are just great at one of the features. Some are great at price which provide cheap price with so-so connection. Some are better for downloading on the Internet but with less privacy. Some are aim at serving the location restrictions companies. Nobody can do the best in every aspect, but everyone can do the best in one aspect.


Let’s get across some new words of a VPN.

Protocol: You may be familiar with the words like SSL/TLS, PPTP, IPSec, L2TP when trying to connect to a VPN. These are protocols. Each protocol has its advantages and disadvantages.

Corporate and Exit Locations: For example, you want to watch live TV in the US, but you face a location restriction, you must reach a VPN and make sure this VPN service provider has servers in the US. If the service is based on the US, sometimes they must follow US laws to turn over usage data as the authorities request. So, it’s important to check if a VPN has servers in the locations which you are most interested in before you buy it or use it.

Logging: Beware of the operators, they can log your data if they want to. The data includes your location. It is said that US-based VPN providers do log in order to get whatever data they want. No matter it is true or not, you must read your provider’s logging policies before logging in.

Anti-Malware/Anti-Spyware: Using a VPN is safe but it is not invulnerable. Please use HTTPS when possible. You too need an anti-malware program to protect your VPN connection, too. See if the provider is offering anti-malware protection when you are connected.

Price: You must open your eyes when choosing a VPN provider, and the price is the most important for it usually matters most to our final decision. You can compare the differences between free and paid VPN services. In a word, free VPNs just provide basics for users, while paid VPNs provide much more and better service.

It is not easy to choose the best VPN as everyone has its advantages. I hope this article can make you have a better knowledge of a VPN.