Babylon Search Toolbar - Remove Babylon Toolbar with VilmaTech Expert Tips

29 November 2013
“Never install Babylon Toolbar on the computer. If you have used the Babylon Toolbar on your PC then you had better remove this browser add-ons from your PC as soon as possible.” This is expert suggestion from VilmaTech Malware Research Lab. Babylon is a kind of translation software and it released its toolbar years ago. However, the Babylon Toolbar behaviors as browser hijacker which will modify the PC users’ default home page without any notification. Windows users who installed Babylon Toolbar would be confused that how to get it back to the previous search engine page. Every time when
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Remove Win 7 Smart Defender Pro virus with YooSecurity Guides

23 April 2013
Did you install Win 7 Smart Defender Pro on your computer? If so, you had better remove it from your PC as soon as possible because Win 7 Smart Defender Pro is actually a fake antivirus program. This software would give you bogus scan results and scare you that your computer has been infected by the spyware, trojan and other malware which never exit. If you want to remove the infections on your PC, you have to purchase the full version of Win 7 Smart Defender Pro. Then the Win 7 Smart Defender Pro will pretend to eliminate
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Syncing Your iPad From a Windows PC with MobileMe

16 April 2013
1. Choose Start-->Control Panel. 2. In the Network and Internet section, choose the MobileMe control panel. 3. Sign in with the MobileMe member name and password that you create when you set up your MobileMe account. 4. Click the Sync tab. 5. Select Sync with MobileMe, and choose Automatically from the drop-down menu. 6. Select Contacts, and choose the application that manages your contacts from the drop-down menu. 7. Select Calendars, and choose the calendar application from the drop-down menu. 8. Select bookmarks, and choose the Web browser that you use from the drop-down menu. 9. Click the Sync Now button. 10. Close the MobileMe control panel. Note: Most
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FBI Moneypak Scam Removal Tips From YooSecurity Experts

21 March 2013
What is FBI Moneypak Scam? FBI YooSecurity virus is a ransomware which is designed to steal the PC user's money by displaying warning message. It is the fastest spreading computer plaque nowadays and has infected millions of  computer especially in the United State. The FBI Moneypak scam presents about itself for the victim as 'The FBI Federal Bureau Investigation' alert and aggressively claims that computer is blocked because of the Copyright and Related Rights Law violation or other reason. You can not download any files and run applications on your computer when your PC has been blocked by
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How to Contribute to Ensure Data are Secure

19 March 2013
Let’s consider the positive first. How can you, a lowly office worker, contribute to ensure that your company’s business and data are secure and kept confidential? Do your best to not just comply with company security policies, but also understand why they are Important. Remember, if the business fails, you’ll lose your job, too Understand that not every frustrating, annoying, or even maddening policy that upper management decrees originated from them. Organizations today are often legally required to comply with a host of rules and regulations laid down by various levels of government. So sometimes their hands are tied when it comes
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