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I Want to Avoid the Desktop on Windows 8

16 January 2015
On a touchscreen tablet, it’s enticing to stay on the Start screen with its finger-sized tiles and easy-to-touch icons. Smartphone owners have enjoyed the app lifestyle for years.But staying nestled within Windows Start screen’s world of apps can be more difficult than it appears. No matter how hard you try to avoid the desktop and its pinsized controls, you’ll find yourself dragged there when you do any of the following things from the Start screen:
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Wanna fix msyfflt.ocx?

24 December 2014
msyfflt.ocx is a Windows application that may lead to system malfunction if your computer is infected with msyfflt.ocx or missing the necessary components of msyfflt.ocx.The Msyfflt.ocx Corrupt File error message is typically caused by Windows system data file corruption. Corrupted system entries can be a real hazard to the well being of your computer.
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Six simple optimization worth doing after installing Windows8

10 December 2014
Windows 10/ 8 performance and speed is really something better than Win7, users who actually experienced the Win8 may have come to understand. As long as your hardware is not particularly high-end, it is worthy do some simple optimization to your operating system to achieve the best state. Here's some simple optimization worth doing after you install Windows 8. 1. Setting of Superfetch service. Methods: Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services - Superfetch - Start Type - Automatic (Delayed Start), this setting can avoid the frequent visits to the hard disk when just started Win8.   2. Setting of Win8 automatic landing,
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Tips to make the Win8 system boot in seconds

26 November 2014
As we all know, the previous system boot was based on the BIOS, BIOS usually have to take some time to warm-up before startup, so that the computer with BIOS configuration will spend a lot of time on startup. After 64 systems came out, BIOS can’t no longer kept pace with the times, a new boot loader mode appears --UEFI, the full name is Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. This is a new type of interface standards described in detail. This interface is used to automatically load the operating system from the pre-boot operating environment, so that the boot process can
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Twitter Road Ahead: to become the next giant or return to a small company

10 November 2014
The Economist recently published an article, pointed out that despite Twitter so far has been a great success, but the company did not achieve the desired size of many investors. This article of The Economist analyzed on the future prospects of Twitter and considered that Twitter needs to solve the problem of weak users growth.
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