Free antivirus solution does not mean everthing

02 September 2014
Now that you are all malware experts, let us talk about a couple of the most popular free antivirus solutions available for the PC – Avast Free, AVG Free, and Avira Free. As of today, AVG Free still ranks amongst the most popular selections, while Avast Free and Avira Free are still frequently mentioned.AVG, Avira, and Avast free solutions provide basic coverage, but fails to provide the full well-rounded solution that the average consumer should seek. A common feature many free solutions lack is the ability to scan a piece of software like some greyware (e.g., PC Performer),
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How to turn off visual effects?

01 September 2014
If your windows system is working slowly, you can accelerate it by turning off some of its visual effects. It comes down to appearance versus performance. Would you prefer to have Windows run more smoothly or look more beautiful? If your computer is efficient enough, there's no need for you to make this tradeoff, but if your computer is just barely powerful enough for Windows 7 or XP, it can do great help for scaling back on the visual bells and whistles.
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Windows Experience Index

What do you know about Windows Experience Index?

25 August 2014
The Windows Experience Index tells you the capability of your PC's software and hardware configuration and expresses this measuring result as a number, we can call it a base score. Generally a higher base score tells that your PC will perform better and faster than that with a lower base score, especially when running more advanced and resource-intensive programs.Every hardware component has an individual subscore. Your PC's base score depends on the lowest subscore. For instance, if the lowest subscore of an individual hardware component is 2.6, then the base score is 2.6. The base score is not an average
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It’s not the DevOps stifling developer, but the development productivity!

19 August 2014
Some people think that the popular DevOps allows programmers play multiple roles, and this trend is killing those real programmers. Yet Jim Bird’s views is in contrary, he believes what stifling DevOps is not developers, but the development itself and the development productive forces.
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SaaS security standards list of Chief Information Security Officer

04 August 2014
SaaS safety standards related to data security, data locality, network security and other aspects. Today's  safety standards of third-party cloud providers still have a lot of space to be improved. The premise of SaaS security issue is not just to win the trust of your customers, but also an important duty of the chief information security officer. 
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