Microsoft continues embracing Linux with new Azure certification

10 December 2015
In a partnership that would have seemed most unlikely back when Microsoft railed against open source, the software company has teamed with the Linux Foundation to offer a certification for managing Linux systems in the Azure cloud. The new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate Linux on Azure certification allows people to show that they have invested time in developing skills to run Linux servers in Microsoft's cloud. It's something of a surprising move, considering that Azure didn't even support Linux virtual machines four years ago, but meshes with Microsoft's current strategy of embracing open source technologies. In order to acquire the certification, a
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Apple confirmed to apply OLED screen for iPhone in 2018

26 November 2015
Apple applies LCD screen for its current smartphones. It was rumored that Apple would use OLED screen for its iPhone 7. Nikkei Newspaper lately reported that Apple decided to use OLED screen in 2018. Korean LG and Samsung start preparing for the OLED supply.  Nikkei Newspaper did not mention the source of this concerns Apple applies OLED screen in 2018.  It is reported that Apple has notified some screen suppliers, related enterprises to make preparations for the supply of OLED. LG is going to enlarge the productivity of OLED. Nikkei Newspaper pointed out it would be a great challenge to purchase enough OLED
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Choosing the Best VPN Service for Yourself

29 October 2015
What features should a good VPN have? A good VPN should include these features: server location, connectivity protocols, and price. How to choose the best VPN for yourself? Most of the VPNs are just great at one of the features. Some are great at price which provide cheap price with so-so connection. Some are better for downloading on the Internet but with less privacy. Some are aim at serving the location restrictions companies. Nobody can do the best in every aspect, but everyone can do the best in one aspect.
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v2.2.0: Maximizing Your Computer Security

18 October 2015
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a popular antivirus tool that works fast and effectively. Let's take a closer look at this new version!
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LinkedIn Messaging update, adding GIFs Emojis and Sticker

03 September 2015
If you are a fan of LinkedIn, you must have your own Linkedin account as most of people have one. Anther situation is that you have never used its Messaging. LinkedIn hopes to get your attraction and attract more members by adding Emojis, stickers and GIFs features.   LinkedIn released a bran-new designed, chat-like messaging interface from Tuesday that brings some fashion elements of messaging appsinto application on paper. The new interface is fresher, syncing both mobile and desktop updates. With the latest update version of LinkedIn, it allows you to send photos, documents and the mentioned Emojis, stickers and GIFs on the app.   It remains more observations whether LinkedIn's previous messaging design is out of date or not. Email, messaging apps and Slack that offers enterprise collaboration services are the most popular channels used by the pubic. Most of Slack, it could cause great risk to LinkedIn if the users on Slack hack in its core business fields.     We are working hard to seek the possibility of improving messaging experience. The idea of launching smart messaging suite that recommends communicated dialogue and offers the third party related news before communicating makes us excited. It will make the communication in LinkedIn messaging more dramatically if we add voice and video features.   We know our messaging service has been marked with unique LinkedIn culture with the communication we made in professional environment, such as an introduction or brief conclusion to a meeting. Anything is possible for the future. We look forward to the continuously modification of this experience.   Time will tell us the answer what this blog news mean.   The modification on iOS, Android systems and web version LinkedIn have been applied. It benefits the English speaking users in the first place. LinkedIn claims that it will keep upgradingits messaging to the rest of users in the following weeks.
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