3 moves to slim your computer

28 October 2014
Usually, our computer will automatically generate a lot of redundant files and documents that we do not need in daily use of computers. So, how do we determine what parts can be deleted? We can get away from redundant fils and programs at once or manually delete them step by setp.   1. Remove Windows implied components:  After proper installation, Windows will automatically install a number of components, which are usually we can’t even use, and installed them in the system will take up a lot of space, degrading system performance, we can use the following methods to remove those unused components. 
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For big raises in IT, look to mobile, security, big data

27 October 2014
IT wages will still be mostly stagnant in the next year, i.e. 2015, excluding workers with highly coveted skill sets, according to a research tracking IT wages and skills demand in the upcoming years. "When you look at the actual salaries, just speaking in general, what you see is a lot of highly paid positions. You don't see a lot of big increases," said Jack Cullen, president of IT staffing firm Modis, which presented this data in its 2015 IT salary guide. "Companies don't want to pay exorbitant rates. However, when they have a particular niche that's really hard to fill, they
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It's said that IMB will sell its chip business to GF

20 October 2014
According to reliable sources, IMB has agreed to pay US$1.5 billion to chip manufacture enterprise Globalfoundries, to let it purchase the chip manufacture business that hasn't earned any profit.  However, IMB will also acquire properties worth US$200 million, which makes the net worth of this transaction US$1.3 billion. The company is planning to announce the transaction on Monday morning of the local date. IMB said in the statement that it will "reveal a big deal" on Monday.  The spokesman of Globalfoundries, Kevin Kimball, refused to comment on this Event. And the spokesman of IMB, James Sciales hasn't responded yet.  IMB said in a
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How to quickly end the software being installed?

15 October 2014
If you find that the software you are installing is not the software you want and you want to end the installation process, what should we do? Let me tell you an effective way to uninstall it and avoid you being misled and click to install the unwanted software. 
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Scientists expect that human "soul" can be written to a computer in 2020

29 September 2014
In 2020, we may have a "digital twin", relatives and friends can talk with it, go for dinner, especially after a person's death, his digital twins will still be with their families, to bring comfort to them.  Acceleration Research Foundation founder, futurist John Smart said, the next six years we will have a "digital twin", it can be programmed with some of the information content in advance, and even talk with others with someone’s behavioral characteristics. More importantly, in the future day, when a person's died, his "digital twin" can simulate the sound, emotions, special habits and ideas of the deceased,
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